CONCERT: 19th Annual Stone Soul Picnic

The 19th Annual Stone Soul Picnic was recently taken place in D.C. on August 15th. And I was there along with other sB! readers.

Well as for the performances, they were really great. I have some exclusive photos of the performers. First up is Ginuwine (I do apoligize that I was close enough to get better photos of him).



Ginuwine was definitely on point. He played Same Ol’ G, In Those Jeans, So Anxious, Stingy, #1 Fan, Trouble and Last Chance.


I was up closer at this point. But Mary Mary was soooo good. I really enjoyed their performanece. Tina rocked the stage despite being 7 1/2 months pregnant. Amazing! More after the break.


So I had videos of the performances, like “God In Me”, but they won’t let me upload them. But believe me when I tell you they killed it.



My man Chico DeBarge was there. Hes still a cutie.



Ruben Studdard was there, he wasn’t that bad but I was ready for BBD by that time.


Heyyyy Michael Bivens.


R-O-N Devoe.



B.B.D. (Bell Biv Devoe) murdered the stage. OMG they were worth the wait in the sun and 2nd hand smoke. Magnificent.

Performance videos:

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