MAGAZINE: Kendrick Lamar x FADER (Issue #78)

TDE’s very own Kendrick Lamar shares one side of the double cover of FADER magazine’s issue #78 of Feb/March 2012. His article was titled ‘Black Hippy: A View From the Center’ which in itself demands attention as it’s prone to be an interesting article. The spread captures TDE in their everyday life and is very personable which is something all fans love to experience in the artists they love. Take a look at the spread as well as a few excerpts from the article. 

“I was one of those young cats and knuckleheads that was hard headed, that didn’t listen, [Top Dawg] locked me up in the studio and I’ve been there ever since.”

“The best thing is to let people know that you a human just like them, I think that’s why a lot of motherfuckers fuck with me because the shit I put out on my music is me not knowing everything. It’s me trying to figure out the world just like you.”

“Soul know he’s the mascot. When I first met [him] I thought he was a nerd. A nerdy, wizardish genius. But it was another side of him that I saw an hour later when I went outside and he had two Black & Milds in his mouth.”

My uncles and all my cousins was doing it on a daily basis—shootouts, running in my momma house, trying to hide somewhere, selling dope. So for a while I thought that was how it was supposed to be, until I ventured out into other spaces and people didn’t know about what was going on where I was from. The cats that’s in jail they never had father figures. I had one. He wasn’t perfect but he was there to pull me out and let me know when I’m about to bump my head.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

Source TheFader

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