sB! INTERVIEW: Profound Aesthetic

 Starting back in 2008 and based in Manalapan, New Jersey, Profound Aesthetic has emerged in the fashion world as a streetwear brand with class. Their logo of the bear head with the bowtie solidifies just that. We couldn’t link up with them for our normal video interview, but we were still able to conduct a print version discussing the fashion industry in comparison to streetwear, along with how their brand ties into it all. Check it out below and don’t forget to visit their site

spoiledBROKE!: How do you all believe streetwear has influenced popular culture and high-end fashion in recent years?
Profound Aesthetic: Lightly put, in a big way. Brands such as Obey and Supreme have played a major role in popular culture, even in the most recent presidential campaign. That’s huge. There is also no denying that high-end fashion has been inspired by this phenomenon, it shows in their current trends and their marketing, and the demographic they are now expanding to.
How do you believe your brand standouts from the streetwear we are commonly use to seeing?
Quality over quantity. We find that most of streetwear is on a race to release product on a consistence basis, and although that is great to generate revenue, it negatively reflects on the quality, both from a design prospective and often in craftsmanship. Not only do we have a fresh approach in our branding, but every single design is throughly thought out with purpose and meaning and put together with quality being the number one factor. That is what separates us.
What do you believe makes a quality piece of clothing?
An obsession with perfectionism. It’s sort of a disease. To examine a design to constantly find ways to make it better. You to make it perfection from the quality of the fabric, to the stitching, to the artwork and the finishings, even the hangtag. Every single detail counts. When you can put thought into every aspect of that garment, that is quality and it always shows.
What matters to you the most as a fashion designer/or designers?
Quality. Craftsmanship. Thought. Passion. And to be able to take your inspirations and combine it in a way where it is expressed through your designs. That’s really what being a successful designer is, we feel.
What are some of your fashion goals?
Our goals are beyond the realm of fashion. It is about developing a lifestyle, a mindset, a way of being. When you can give fashion a bigger meaning it creates value and allows for it to be larger than life. That is our goal; it was before we even developed a single article of clothing to sell, and it continues to remain that way.
Where do you get your design inspiration?
Inspiration can never be planned. It is found in every day life, in the music you listen to, the people you interact with, the places you travel, and taking in the environment around you. Life is our biggest inspiration. Everything is drawn in from that and it really helps when you constantly examine everything around you.

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