MAGAZINE: Chance The Rapper x COMPLEX (Oct/Nov 2013)

Complex Magazine let’s one of hip-hop’s rising stars grace the cover for their Oct/Nov 2013 issue, Chance The Rapper. The Chicago native is only 20 years old and has been gaining a great buzz, especially since the release of his latest project Acid Rap. As Complex does, they conducted an interactive interview with Chance and a creative photo spread. See the full story here.

The buzz and attention generated by Acid Rap says a lot about the current state of hip-hop. Listeners are looking for artists who can challenge conventional wisdom about hip-hop archetypes and the younger generation. 

“Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro).” – I had just started writing and my pops always calls me randomly. Every time he calls me he starts saying some deep, super-inspirational shit about how much he loves me—every day, or at least every other day. So I was like, ‘I’m in the studio. I should be recording this.’ That conversation was going on for like five minutes before I recorded it.

I was a mad impressionable kid, and every skit from The College Dropout was telling me how I didn’t need school. And I think that had a very big impact on how I treated it.

There was a point where I just did not care about my body. I just felt indestructible. I was smoking mad lean squares,” he explains. “That was really bad for me, so I stopped.

via Complex

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