MIXTAPE: Robb Bank$ x Tha City

We’ve all seen this picture of Robb and his pops, Shaggy, so it’s cool to know he wasn’t really trying to hide from the public who his family was after all. He dropped his new mixtape Tha City last night and it features his homie, Spaceghostpurrp of course, among others including: Sir Michael Rocks, Nuri, Zaytoven and more. Peep the full 17 tracklist below along with the download link:

01. Flex (City) (Prod. by Nuri & Spaceghostpurrp)
02. KDia (CT) (feat. Phlo Finister) (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp & Nuri)
03. On Me (Batonrouge) (Prod. by Nuri)
04. All The Way Live (feat. Lauderdale) (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp & Nuri)
05. Counted (LA) (Prod. by Nuri & Spaceghostpurrp)
06. Mouth (Houston) (feat. B Way) (Prod. by Nuri)
07. New York (NY) (Prod. by Nuri)
08. Changed (Miami) (feat. Lofty 305) (Prod. by Nuri, Spaceghostpurrp & Freebase)
09. Scrub The Ground (Interlude) (Prod. by Nuri)
10. Round & Round (Memphis) [Prod. by Nuri]
11. Broward County Legend (Coral Springs) (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp)
12. That Sound (Atlanta) (Prod. By Zaytoven)
13. Decoration (feat. Dooney Montana) (Pompano) (Prod. by Nuri)
14. Indistinct (DC) (Prod. by Nuri)
15. Heartbreaker (London) (Prod. by Nuri)
16. Practice (feat. Sir Michael Rocks) (Prod. by Nuri & POSHstronaut)
17. Trust Me (Prod. by KE On The Track)


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