MAGAZINE: Cam’Ron & A-Track x COMPLEX (April/May 2014)

Cam’Ron and A-Trak team up once again for a Fool’s Gold and Dipset collaboration EP. As they cover Complex’s April/May 2014 issue, the two discuss Dame Dash’s involvement in the two collaborating along with their previous history and what they wanted to make out of this new project. Check out a spook movie trailer video for ‘Two The Hard Way’, directed by Rick Cordero. Make sure to check out stills and excerpts from the interview after the break. See the entire interview and their cover shoot stills here.

Dame told me you’re big on first impressions. So when A-Trak initially came over to your house, what was the vibe like?

Cam’ron: I think the first time they came over I was cooking lamb and steak and all types of stuff. I don’t like to have sessions where everybody’s just sitting in the studio waiting. The studio’s in my crib, so I would cook some lamb, then go lay a verse, then come back upstairs and cook some steak and lay a verse, then come back upstairs and cook some shrimp and lay a verse—so we was just cooking and recording all night. It was a pretty cool atmosphere for me.

Speaking of music, let’s talk about the Dipset back catalog. What’s your favorite Cam’ron song of all time?

A-Trak: “I.B.S” [off 2006’s Killa Season] is kind of a personal favorite because it’s like, “Oh shit, Cam is talking about his digestive system.” [Laughs.] If I’m going to name favorites, I’m not going to name the obvious joints, but at the photo shoot, we were listening to “Killa Cam” from the [2004] Purple Haze album—one of my favorites. Also “357” is still up there for me.

A-Trak, you’ve collaborated with Dipset before, on 2005’s “Don’t Fool With the Dips.” What were your goals for this project?

A-Trak: What I enjoy doing with my production, and even with Fool’s Gold as a platform, is curating—piecing a project together and thinking about what it is that people want to hear. Also mixing that with a certain element of surprise. Linking up with Cam, there was a lot of, “What’s that ultimate feeling of Dipset that people might be missing?” And bringing that to the table with a current sound. One thing that’s important to say is this isn’t a throwback project. To me, Cam is forever relevant. People want to hear this now. With the world that I’m in through Fool’s Gold, we’re very much plugged into the generation where all these scenes interact. Cam with Dipset was one of the first ones. He laid the blueprint for that model, where kids don’t only want to hear their music, kids want to rock the pink fur and post the picture on their Tumblr and live the whole lifestyle. For me it makes perfect sense, because this is the artist that wrote the book without realizing it a long time ago. Now everybody’s living through that model and they still want to hear it. It’s forever current, it’s forever relevant. That’s what I like to be involved with.

Cam’ron: Thank you, man. I really appreciate that. If I inspired anyone it’s a good feeling. Because there’s people that inspired me to do what I do. Like people you see with a bunch of chains, Slick Rick was the first person I seen do it—and I don’t know who’s the first person to do it before him. So it’s always passed down. It may switch up a little bit, but a lot of stuff comes back full circle, so it’s all love.

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