SNEAKERS: adidas Originals by Rita Ora x ‘Black Pack’ Sneaker Collection

adidas Originals by Rita Ora is on it’s way as the lookbook for the Unstoppable collection was revealed last week. Apart of that collection is the ‘Black Pack’ three piece sneaker collection. All three sneakers have a black palette with reptilian detailing and yellow accents. Be sure to shop the Unstoppable collection when it releases, August 21st. See the rest of the ‘Black Pack’ collection after the jump.

One response

  1. Dear,Rita Ora
    Hi what’s the music business like & I wanted to an full fledge artist & I play guitar
    Jazz bass & synthesizer as a jazz ,pop & soft rock musician & rita I weared.
    Sneakers by adidas America inc & I like the adidas superstar ii & pro models.
    And white is my color so as blue jeans also I weared bell bottom jeans with.
    White platform shoes & I’m tall man in my late fourties & I’m middle age.
    And I still play guitar & I liked levi’s &n other brands & I got a pair of those.
    Run & Fly bell bottom jeans from your hometown of the UK stands for.
    The united kingdom & I’m 47 years old & I liked nike reebok & vans too.
    And jeans are for men & adidas is my one of own classic brands.
    Well rita thanks for writing my email & If you liked my story & I want to.
    Here to you. Signed

    October 19, 2014 at 1:28 PM

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