MAGAZINE: Wale + Jerry Seinfeld x COMPLEX (December 2014/January 2015)

Complex magazine does an amazing job with their most recent cover for the December/January 2015 issue. Just in time for Wale‘s new album, The Album About Nothing, which tributes the Jerry Seinfeld‘s ‘Seinfeld’ show. Remember that angry phone call by Wale, furious that his album didn’t make their Top 50 album list last year…well Complex decided to incorporate it within the cover story. Take a look:

Wale has had a rough relationship with COMPLEX. Have you heard the phone call he made to us last December?

JS: I love it. That was good entertainment.

W: It’s all an angle. I learned that from wrestling. It’s just like a story. My devious plot.

JS: All good entertainment.

W: [Laughs.] Well, at the moment it wasn’t entertainment.

Very clever. See more pictures and excerpts from the cover story inside…

With the two mixtapes paying homage to Seinfeld, and your real-life friendship, was the collaboration on Wale’s new album always bound to happen?

JS: He asked me to be part of it and talk. It’s his gift, I’m just a bystander. I love being around him and watching how he does it because it’s different from what I do. It’s a whole different process.

W: I’m funneling his wisdom. I talk to Jerry and I listen. Then I go to the studio and capture those moments. What do I agree with? Am I conveying this message to a broader audience? It’s like a writing drill. Jerry talks in metaphor a lot. When “this” is like “that,” it’s easy for everybody to understand.

Do you read your Twitter mentions and look at hate?

JS: Yeah. It has no substance for me. It’s like when somebody has a cigarette and they blow the smoke in your face. It’s going to be gone in two seconds. I don’t care. [Looks at Wale.] Oh, he’s upset. [Laughs.]

W: I try to rationalize with people. Like, “Why do you feel this way?”

JS: Who cares!?

W: I don’t know. Nine times out of 10, when I respond, I just want to find out what’s the root of it. Somebody says, “If I fuck with him, he’s gonna react.” What then? Did you win any money? Did your life become better? Why would you do that? Why is this entertaining to you? I just don’t understand why.

Jerry, you dismiss the burden of celebrity. Wale does not. What advice would you give him to help him deal with it?

JS: This is why the universe put us together. I am here to relieve you of this burden.

W: I don’t understand the world’s fascination with celebrity. My admiration for people like you or Jay Z is because of your talent. Now, people are famous without having talent.

JS: There’s a fame need. We need people to look at or talk about to just fill the time. They say life is too short. It’s way too long! And we’re filling it in with a lot of fake stuff. Like wrestling. Like stars who have no talent!

Visit to view the entire interview and cover story. Great job.

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