NEWS: Lil’ B Gives A Lecture To Students At MIT [Video]

FADER provides exclusive coverage of the lecture held by Lil B at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently that was conducted by the university’s Black Student Union. The Bay area rapper shared some encouraging words to the students of MIT along with answering some humorous questions about OKC Thunder player, Kevin Durant. Held in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Lil B takes on a number of topics including art and race followed by a ‘based’ freestyle. Head over to FADER for the entire transcript of his lecture and check out a few excerpts along with video footage that captures a portion of the lecture:

Make sure you comfort everybody, because you have so much power. The influence you do have, make sure you use that for the right things that’s going to propel you, and propel your company. It’s not always about making profit. I know y’all know how to make profit, and I know that’s what it’s about! But I’m very happy that I can come here and tell you I’m someone that has not been driven by the profit. You can succeed with the people.

I want to give a shout out to all the engineers and scientists, and all the people in here, swag. Everybody that’s dealing with math, you know what I’m saying? Salute man. This is the place that I would love to be, as I’m really into plants, animals, life. We know about that photosynthesis! I didn’t forget that! It’s about doing things that you really love, that’s where you get the best results for your product.

Understand that the media has agendas. The media doesn’t get everything right. You have to realize who’s behind the camera. Think deeply. When you do get your information, and the perception of other people, which is beautiful, you’ve got to realize: what is the motivation of this director or this brand or this media company? What are their motivations? Is this person a trusted source? That’s why I wanted you guys to ask me anything, because I want you to feel totally comfortable, and know that I have nothing to hide. You want to have that trusted source.

(When asked about his song “No Black Person Is Ugly”)

I made that as a reflection of things that I went through. Knowing that nobody’s ugly. The closed minded people might’ve looked at that like “Oh, no black person is ugly? Well I’m not black, so whatever.” But the people that thought a little bit deeper and could relate to it no matter who you were, that was for you, that was for all of us. Because nobody is ugly. Nobody. I’ve never, nobody’s ugly, nobody’s fat, nobody’s skinny. It’s about where you want to be health-wise and how you want to live your life. You have a choice.

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