TECH: Nexpaq Cell Phone Case

Mobile phone customization has taken a step beyond juts your phone itself with the new phone case modular company Nexpaq. This clever gadget is a multi-functional case that doubles sextuples as a loudspeaker, laser pointer, LED light, flash drive, and more. Purchase the case and download the app to utilize the functions of up to 6 unique tools at a time. Compatible with iPhone and Android software and starting at only $65, the Nexpaq will change the way you interact with your phone. Check out how it works along with a list of the 11 available modules below.

• Hotkey – Allows you to set up shortcuts on your phone.
• LED flashlight – Get some extra light in your life.
• Laser Pointer –  Just slide out the laser and point.
• Breathalyzer – Allows you to check your level of soberness. How to use it ? Blow.
• Air quality – Get a measurement of potential dangerous gas around you.
Temperature & Humidity – Measure how much humidity you live in or the temperature around you.
Memory – 32/64 gig back up.
SD Card Reader – Slide a micro SD card extend your phone memory.
USB Stick – Transfer files from your phone to your computer (or the opposite).
• Loudspeaker – Makes your phone 30% to 40% louder.
Battery – Add 30% to 40% battery life.

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  1. Cool, thank you very much for the review Nexpaq cell phone, you helped me a lot.

    September 16, 2015 at 2:42 AM

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