TELEVISION: “The Year of Pharrell” on RevoltTV

“The Year Of The Pharrell” airs on Revolt TV on Sunday at 7pm EST

INTERVIEW: Kanye West @ Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Kanye and Jimmy’s fued was pretty obvious when Jimmy did a spoof/parody of Ye’s Zane Lowe interview not too long after it released. They touched on that issue and much more, see part one below and part two after the break:


TELEVISION: “Better Call Saul” – “Breaking Bad” Spinoff on AMC

After 5 intense seasons, Breaking Bad, is finally coming to an end this season and is currently at its final episodes. However, great news has dropped as Better Caul Saul is a go as the official spinoff of the series. When the Saul Goodman character first became introduced in Breaking Bad, it definitely was a great humorous and drama filled side story of its own. We believe this spin off will do really well, especially since most of us aren’t ready to part with Heisenburg and Jessie Pickman  just yet. Stay tuned for more details on the show and its premiere.

INTERVIEW: Kendrick Lamar @ Chelsea Lately!

SERIES: x Look Closer (Episode 1)

lookbook has inspired this series that is based on the relationship between a blogger and their photographer. With the rise of street fashion and everyone thriving to get known or popular for their style daily through media such as Tumblr and, it is great that this series is created to get a closer look into those people’s lives. The series is based out of Los Angeles, focusing on a girl named Hannah who enters the online fashion blogging world and it follows her experiences from that. Take a look at the first episode called ‘Look Closer’, where Hannah meets her fashion photographer, Mark, but is faced with his ex-muse trying to win back his services. Very interesting and creative series. We will bring you the second episode when it releases on April 8th.

VIDEO: Kanye West on The Cleveland Show

Kanye West made his debut cartoon premiere on FOX’s The Cleveland Show two years ago. He’s back, the episode aired last night, with Nicki Minaj, Questlove, Bruno Mars and Check out a video of last night’s episode below and the clip from his first episode after the break.


VIDEO: A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square

To launch the high quality TNT channel in Belgium they placed a big red push button in an ordinary Flemish square of an ordinary Flemish town. A sign with the words “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. And then they waited to see what happened.