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INTERVIEW: Adrianne Ho ‘The Unofficial Face of Menswear’ x Hypebeast

Hypebeast used the popular model Adrianna Ho, who has been gaining a lot of recognition from her Instagram and recent spread in GQ and urban streetwear look books, for their online website spread and decided to interview her as well. Check out her interview below and make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @adrianneho

Does being based in New York — where streetwear brands are plentiful — work to your advantage when booking jobs?

Living in New York has definitely been an advantage for me when booking jobs. It has provided access to so many amazing brands, clients and magazines. I also think the constant visibility from living in a walkable city like New York can provide opportunities that may not be possible anywhere else.

How do you feel about falling into the unofficial category of official female streetwear/menswear model? Is it a role which developed in itself or something you or your agency set out for from the beginning of your career?

That is quite the contradictory title that I am both officially and unofficially flattered by. Haha! Thank you! I think that role stems from some brands’ appreciation of my personal style.