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INTERVIEW: Kanye West x Zane Lowe (Part 1)

Check out this interview of Kanye West w/ Zane Lowe of BBC Radio that gives an inside look to the Yeezus album. Ye breaks down his thought process with the album and his purpose in the hip hop world essentially. Great interview, stay tuned for part two!

SERIES: x Look Closer (Episode 1)

lookbook has inspired this series that is based on the relationship between a blogger and their photographer. With the rise of street fashion and everyone thriving to get known or popular for their style daily through media such as Tumblr and, it is great that this series is created to get a closer look into those people’s lives. The series is based out of Los Angeles, focusing on a girl named Hannah who enters the online fashion blogging world and it follows her experiences from that. Take a look at the first episode called ‘Look Closer’, where Hannah meets her fashion photographer, Mark, but is faced with his ex-muse trying to win back his services. Very interesting and creative series. We will bring you the second episode when it releases on April 8th.