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FASHION: 8&9 MFG. Co. x ‘Ontario Sunbeams’ 2015 Summer Collection

2gikXtCWDdKF-q8YFxlCSjgg8z-bVfGaX8512z5FK3c,vEM_hxN0KWBrTyO1RXVXgSKKcEKRG3XjBP-OFOmmBEE8&9 MFG. Co. dropped their Ontario Sunbeams 2015 Summer ‘Ruffians’ collection. The cut & sew collection features U.S. made pieces including tees, terry jerseys and shorts as well as a light weight cotton baseball jersey. Check out the video highlighting the collection, which is now available for purchase at their online shop. Use the code ‘RUFFIANS’ to save 25% on your purchase.