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FASHION: Boots Boots Boots [Winter Trend]

Polar x Nike Vapen Premium Snowboard Boot

This fall/winter season, we have been seeing a lot of boots but they are a lot more bulky this time around. Many brands have been dipping into winter sports such as snowboarding to see inspiration for designing boots. Urbanwear and streetwear love to get inspiration from sports apparel to create pieces that are worn casually. The same is being done this winter for boots and sB! picked out a few new boots that are included in this winter trend. The bulkier the better. Make sure to click each picture for a link to learn more about each boot. (more…)

COLLECTION: adidas Snowboarding x 2013 Winter

adidas have created a snowboarding collection for the 2013 winter season. The line definitely has some great pieces that makes us excited for the cold and snow to return to get fly. Our generation of trends and style in urban streetwear really is unconventional as it is accepted to wear sports apparel casually. From soccer to motocross, it’s a fashion statement to wear clothes made for specific sport in a casual way. This collection will create no exception, we are predicting these snowboarding boots being rocked this winter in a casual style. We shall wait and see. Check out more photos below and after the jump. (more…)