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MISC: Tupac Letter Released – Reveals ‘One Nation’ Group Album

A never before seen letter, written by the late great Tupac ‘2pac’ Shakur, has been released – which reveals some interesting details about an album Pac was working on called ‘One Nation’. Addressed to Big Lock, Pac shares what he has been up to during the time and shares that he is preparing to release a joint album that features Outkast, E-40,Scarface, Buckshot, Greg Nice, Smiff-N-Wessun and Tha Outlawz.

We can only hope that there are a few rough drafts of some of the tracks that would have been on the album that could be leaked. Let us pray…

AUDIO: Kanye West x 2001 Demo Tape (Unreleased)(Mixtape)

Kanye West’s 2001 Demo unreleased tape has surfaced, which excites us just as much as if it was current. The tape includes 15 tracks, some original material from remade released songs and others just stuff we have never heard before. Often times, like most artist do, is create endless songs that never reach the public, especially not a demo tape. For up and coming artists, demo tapes are like model’s portfolios…it showcases your talent. Started from the bottom, now he’s here. He was great even when he was at the bottom, Ye was destined for greatness. Track list and download link below:

01. Home (Windy)
02. Jesus Walks (Original Version)
03. Have It Your Way (Demo Version of “Bring…
04. Out Of Your Mind (Unmixed)
05. Wow (New Verse)
06. Need To Know (Original “Gangsta” Version)
07. Gotta Pose (Snippet)
08. Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)
09. Hey Mama (Original)
10. Know The Game (Unreleased)
11. Family Business (2001 Unreleased)
12. Dream Come True (All Falls Down Demo)
13. DJ Boom Freestyle (Jigga That Nigga)
14. DJ Boom Freestyle (I Met Oprah)
15. Heartbeat (Instrumental)