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EVENT: College Bound Entertainment x ‘The Session’ (CBE’s Guide To Cannabis)


College Bound Entertainment put together an event in Washington, D.C. called ‘The Session: CBE’s Guide To Cannabis‘ where spoiledBroke! attended to cover the 420 friendly festivity. The Session series is a host of creative platforms for cannabis professionals to inform and engage invited audiences with the advantages and wonders of the new Cannabis Industry in Washington, D.C. We have partnered with several cannabis experts and established business owners within the cannabis industry from the local area to launch the pilot event, The Session. The Session is designed to educate and entertain participants through a creative informational and social gathering in a safe, controlled setting. And they continue the series Aug. 2nd, 2015 with ‘The Session: Green Day Party’. More photos inside.



Noisey always comes with the most ‘open’ interviews and they sat down with Bompton’s, YG. Check out The People vs. YG as he discusses every hood man’s mentality: Women, Weed and Thugs…

MISC: GoodWood + ClawMoney x 420 Dugout (Limited Edition)

GoodWoodNYC teams up with Claw Money just in time for 420. A wooden dugout with custom laser engraved bombshell designed. This practical travel kit combines a stash compartment and a one-hitter pipe. The dugout provides discretion and great functionality, made especially for those on the go who need a quick hit. Click here to purchase.

DOCUMENTARY: Vice Magazine x “How to Sell Drugs”

Vice Magazine bills itself as specializing in “unabashed depravity and going places we don’t belong” and they do it well in print form as well as through their YouTube channel, which is host to many interesting documentaries on a wide array of topics, ranging from homeless subway performers to going to America’s biggest dog show on LSD. This particular short documentary focuses on a New York drug dealer and his operation that clears approximately $60,000 weekly. The dealer and his crew run a delivery service and move everything from molly to shrooms and cocaine, along with generous amounts of weed. Take 20 minutes of your time and watch this interesting short below & leave your feedback in the comments or @spoiledbroke on twitter.